Thirty Hour Famine

August 5-August 6, 2022
Friday - Saturday
6:00 pm (Aug 5) - 3:00 pm (Aug 6)
Sixth graders and up are invited to participate in the Thirty Hour Famine

Event Description

Come join the Valley Student Ministry as we raise money for LifeLine ministries through a 30 hour famine. The famine will start at 8am August 5th with the overnighter starting at 6pm that same day. The overnighter will go to 3pm on Saturday August 6th and a meal will be provided for the kids at 2pm at the end of the famine. The kids should bring a pillow, blanket, and or sleeping bag. There will be games and we will be learning about world hunger, persecution in other countries towards Christians, and how we can serve those that are suffering with our gifts and resources. 


We’d love to meet you and help you feel at-home.

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