Church Workday

October 14, 2023
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
If you're looking for an opportunity to serve, the church work day will provide a number of ways where you can get involved and serve.

Event Description

As with every home and organization, the church sometimes needs a little extra "TLC". On this Saturday, there are several different projects we could use your help with, whether it's doing some cleaning inside the building, or some small improvement projects, or pressure washing the outside of the building, or doing some work on the lawn or landscaping. There is something for everyone to do and some way for everyone to get involved. Whether you're hoping to work inside or outside, feel free to bring your favorite supplies and tools (or you can use the supplies and tools here at the church). We just hope to see everyone here and ready to serve. Thanks for being a part of the Body.


We’d love to meet you and help you feel at-home.

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